Privacy Policy

At The Blog Base, our mission is to keep our readers updated with all the technological advancements in today’s digital world. We also want our readers to understand the fact of how their data is being handled. Furthermore, we want our readers to know our exact choices and rights.

Our privacy policy defines how we handle the personal data of our visitors and readers that use the services of The Blog Base. Some of the major points of our policy are listed below:

  • Our website which is
  • Our newsletters via emails like the Art of Making Money
  • Our website pages and commercial on our social channels like on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook
  • Despite of the channel from where we gather your data, it is simply referred to this Privacy Policy

How we use your information simply depends on the service of The Blog Base you use and how you are using our services. You must know that few services of The Blog Base are different from the most common ones.

1.     Information We Gather

This point defines how we handle the information you give us or we ask from you. However, one point that you should remember that we never ask for your personal sensitive information relating to your mobile number, postal address, religion, race or political opinions.

A)    Information Gathered by The Blog Base

The information that The Blog Base collects from its readers.

  1. Information You Give Us Intentionally
  • For Newsletter Subscription

We collect your personal information when you subscribe to our newsletter by yourself by sharing your name and email address with us.

  • For Special Offers

You give us your personal data to us so that you can receive and we can send you our special offers monthly or weekly.

  1. Information Collected Automatically

There is certain information that we never want you to provide and also you don’t provide us intentionally but is being recorded automatically.

  • Through Tracking Technologies in Your Browser and Mobile Apps

Such type of information is listed as follows:

  • Your location
  • Your browser
  • Your device
  • Your internet protocol address
  • Your operating system
  • Your browser language
  • Other information.

B)    Information Gathered from Other Channels

These are the channels from where we gather your personal data apart from our website

  1. Our Owned Databases

This includes the information we have about you from various data analytics.

  1. Social Media and Third-Party Services

We gather your information on our official social channels including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Meanwhile, the third-party services include Google and other search engines.

2.     What We Do With Your Information

This point defines what actions do we perform with the information that you provide us.

A)    We Offer The Blog Base Services

With your information, we offer your our services listed as follows:

  • Giving you the reading access to The Blog Base
  • Making our personalized service in your reach
  • Offering the best customer service
  • Answering to your feedback and complaints
  • Sending messages related to our services

B)    We Offer Our Promotions

We provide you our special offers and promotions related to our new and improved content.

3.     Where Do We Share Your Information

A)    Inside The Blog Base Firm

We use your personal information to enhance your experience with our site and content.

4.     Your Rights

A)    How To Stop Receiving Emails and Push Notifications

  1. Emails

You can easily unsubscribe to our email by sending a direct reply to our email with a message of Unsubscribe me now.

  1. Push Notifications

You can simply deny our push notifications when you feel you don’t really need our services anymore.

5.     How Privacy Policy Changes Are Communicated

If we ever made any changes in our privacy policy then we notify to you by sending you the updates related to our policy.

6.     How To Contact The Blog Base

The methods of reaching to us include your either write to us on our official email which is or you can leave us a message on our official social media channels.

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