Terms and Conditions

This page defines the terms and conditions that manage your use of the digital products of The Blog Base including our official website which is theblogbase.com provided by The Blog Base firm.

If you want to know about how The Blog Base collects, use and share your personal data then you can simply visit our Privacy Policy page. Despite your geographical location, your acceptance of our terms and conditions consists of your consent with all the activities mentioned in our Privacy Policy.

1.     General Principles

  • If you opt for any digital product owned by The Blog Base including our official site theblogbase.com then you agreed to follow the terms and conditions of The Blog Base.
  • The changes we made in our terms and conditions will be communicated to you via emails and will be effected immediately as per the dates mentioned in our email. The Blog Base will not be responsible if the user is unable to go through the changes in our site which has been already mailed to him.
  • If you disagree with any of our terms or conditions and show your acceptance then you can simply write to us on our official email which is info@theblogbase.com with the message “Unsubscribe me now”.
  • Your exposure to advertising on our site is a condition of using our services.

2.     Content on Website

  • The content available to you on our site is for the purpose of your reading and noncommercial use. All the material available or posted on our site is owned and controlled by the team of The Blog Base. You must follow all the notices, restrictions and information mentioned in our content which is accessible by you.
  • The content and material on our site are the property of The Blog Base, thus you must not change, publish or reproduce our work.
  • You can copy or download reading material available on our site for your personal use only. However, you cannot sell our material or opt for it for commercial use.

3.     User-Generated Content Including Comments, Review and more

  • If you upload any content on our website then you agree to our terms that your content does not violate laws or the rights of any person.
  • You must not post content on our site for commercial or advertising purposes of any product or business without the consent of the team of The Blog Base.
  • You accept that the content you share on our site depends on the approval of The Blog Base team to be edited, removed or posted on our site.
  • You acknowledge that the content you post on The Blog Base, once approved by our team, will be visible to all the readers on our site.

4.     Information and Security

  • The information you provide us on our website by signing up to our email newsletter will be kept confidential and protected by The Blog Base to the best of their limits.
  • The information provided by you on our official social channels will be confidential and protected by The Blog Base to the best of their limits.

5.     Termination

  • At any point, if you feel that you don’t want to receive any information related to The Blog Base then you can simply reply to our official email which is info@theblogbase.com with the message “Unsubscribe me now”.
  • The Blog Base reserves the right to restrict your access if you try to use our content for commercial or advertising purposes.
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